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26 May 2017

Use Handbag Organizers to Keep Your Belongings in Order


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Posted By Tim P.

Have you ever been in line at the grocery store frantically digging through your handbag to find your wallet? When your bag is cluttered, it can lead to countless frustrations throughout the day. Handbag clutter seems almost unavoidable. You know how quickly your bag fills up with personal items, writing supplies, water bottles, newspapers and magazines, and work or school stuff.

If you have children, your things will probably shuffle to the bottom of your handbag as you cram in changes of clothes, toiletries, first aid items, snacks, and seemingly a million other little trinkets that kids may need. Even if you're carrying the largest bag you own, you'll probably wont' have enough room. And when it's time to get out your keys or lip balm, spare contact lens, or the cloth for wiping your glasses? Forget about it.

With a handbag organizer as part of your everyday and travel gear, you can efficiently access the things you need. Your wallet, trip or event tickets, iPod or MP3 player, transit tokens, pocket fan, shopping list, contact information, hand lotion, whatever you like to have for quick retrieval, is right there. For writers, reporters, and those in need of small tape recorders, notes, batteries, film, or digital memory cards, this type of bag is an ideal accompaniment to whatever is holding the rest of your equipment. When you need to switch handbags, just remove the handbag organizer and you're ready to go.

Handbag organizers, or transfer bags, that are stylish, practical and easy to use. Once you use these transfer bags, you'll never have to hopelessly search through a cluttered bag again.

Big Timer Handbag Organizer

One popular handbag organizer is The Big Timer. The outside of the Big Timer has a cushioned cosmetic pocket, four ample side pockets, and delicate glittery accents. The inside has a spot for keys, and five pockets that stretch to hold items of varying sizes and shapes. These handbag organizers look great with any purse too, whether formal or ultra casual. Choose from solid black (with taupe inside), or the taupe dragonfly (also available in the Teenie size). Dragonflies are not the only creature to adorn these handbag organizers though. The Beetle is solid black, with a stylish beetle print sprinkled along the microfiber.

For a splashier transfer bag, there is the inner and outer patterned leopard bag, and the multi-colored stripe. Use the removable shoulder strap to hang your Big Timer with your regular bags, and see how they can also function as everyday totes of their own.

Classic Handbag Organizer

The Classic set of handbag organizers is marked by its sparkly corner heart, satin lining, and impressive roominess. These organizers are available in black and brown satin, and have six pockets total, four inside and two outside -- and of course the requisite space for makeup and small personal care products.

Use the black dragonfly organizer to spruce up travel luggage. Say, for example, you've just checked into a hotel. You'll probably want to freshen up right away and head out for a bite to eat, rather than take the time to sift through your luggage to find your make up case and decide which purse you want to take with you. With a handbag organizer, you can just unzip your carry-on and either transfer the dragonfly into another smaller handbag for going out, or use it alone. Your go-to cosmetics, your wallet, cell phone and other essentials are all right there. Sometimes a single color can say a lot. Either the light beige or the solid black would enhance a larger bag, or be the matching accent to a clothing ensemble. For sheer pizzazz, choose the red satin - the shade is truly an energy booster!

A pair of heels, silk scarf, and a swipe of mascara can make for a swift transition between the office and after hours socializing. What about the knapsack? Leave it at the office, in the car, or at coat check, because your organizer simplifies the situation. When you're constantly emptying one bag into another you're bound to misplace or forget to replace things.

When the core items are all in one place, you can immediately check for anything missing or running low. The inclusive cosmetic bag is another bonus. This is also a good spot to store jewelry that will be worn at a later time or has to be removed, as well as gum or mints. Keep one transfer bag customized for leisure or play time, and another customized for errands and work, and you won't have to worry about misplacing or forgetting the things you need most.


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